Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Re-do Please

Please November, can I have a re-do? How about you October? Time is just moving far too fast and I'm not even in the mood for Christmas.
It didn't help that we decided at the last minute to leave Thanksgiving afternoon and head to the mountains in New Mexico. The fun part was that we flew our plane. (Hadn't taken it there before.) Met up with hubby's brother and family and had a good time in a great cabin with great food.
So no Christmas decorating got done.
In spite of not being in the mood, I at least feel responsible to get it up in a timely manner at work. But, now that I've come down with my third cold of the season it will wait that much longer. It's got to be the granddaughter that keeps bringing it home from daycare. I've never been sick this much in my life.
Ok, back to November. P l e a s e come back, I wasn't finished with you.....
A few fall shots around our place.
We've had some gorgeous sunsets lately.
The cottoneaster turned redder than I've ever seen.
The sun hit perfectly on the asparagus one evening.

This year was the best our cedar elm has ever looked.
 Textured with kk_colton, overlay 34% and kk_savor, linear burn 55%.
Funny how the light can make it look different colors different times of the day.
The oak seemed to turn brown before she started to turn bronzy.

And the view out my kitchen window.
Shots around the house are the most boring of my fall pics. Tomorrow I plan to post some from around town.
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  1. Never get tired of autumn, i was just thinking today as I live in AZ, noticed that the trees that turn are just beginning to turn red. I guess you could call our state a little slow on fall.

  2. I would not say they were boring - you live in a beautiful home surrounded by beauty!

  3. That stinks that you are sick again. The tree is up I think I am done decorating :) Yes, send October back, I am not ready for Christmas.

  4. No wonder you want a redo! Your fall colors are heavenly! Such magic in the saturated colors. {Be well soon ... 'tis not the season to be sick!}

  5. Most definitely agree that some months need to happen twice, in a row. Your autumn colors are so beautiful! Oh I hope you get over the cold soon!!

  6. What wonderful late fall colors, with a nice glowing light here and there.

    I'm with you...I feel like this every year.


  7. I was sad to say goodbye to November such a wonderful display of colour this year....


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