Friday, September 6, 2013

The Chair

Linking up with Random 5 Friday and Friday Finds.
1. I have 6 of these chairs.
2. I bought them slightly used from a friend.
3. I thought I would use them to replace some at the shop.
4. This was several months ago. (frowny face)
    They are currently scattered throughout the house.
5. Fortunately no one has complained.
I planned a re-upholstery project on a chair to go near my coral and pinky-burgundy quilt I made years ago and had already found the most awesome fabric at Hobby Lobby. So 2 chairs will stay at home. (I'm going to experiment with chalk paint on the other before I recover it.)
Why did I wait so long to start? Who ever knows the answer to such questions?
So Wednesday while the blind man was installing my blinds (ha,ha) I busied myself to stay out of his way.
Notice those brads? Not really wanting to take them off or any staples for that matter. The brads also run up the sides of the chair.
First plan of action: thinking slip-cover style might work best and easiest. Reverse fabric and pin to fit top curves and down the back.
I sewed with large basting stitches at first, but when I tried it on the chair, I didn't want to take it off. Good enough. (I must be getting old.) Fit quite nicely. Still trying to figure out how this is really going to work though. It doesn't really look like it will come apart where I wish it would.
But I figure what the heck, if I can find the right strange shaped screw driver tip, I'm just going to start unscrewing everything. And it worked! Now my job was tons easier. Let's get that stapler out!
Several hours later, all that remained was to stitch the lower part of the back.
 It was much easier using a curved needle.
The tools:
Now I really love tools. Especially my drill. 
However, my stapler is another story. 
80% of my attempts shot out 2-3 staples. 
19% shot 5 staples. Thus the need for the needle nose pliers. 99% of the staples didn't go in all the way, thus the hammer. Perhaps I'll look at buying a new one. (Couldn't be the operator, right?)
done before 5.

Now I must say I was more thrilled with my chair being finished than my new expensive blinds.
All photos take with iPhone 5, edited in Photoshop with Radlab.


  1. You are so talented and I love the material..

  2. I am a fabric addict... and I LOVE YOUR CHOICE!!!

    Looks wonderful!

  3. this is an impressive post, you are very talented and I love your fabric choice, plus your quilt is stunning!

  4. Great job Roxi. The chair and quilt compliment each other so well.

  5. I've never reupholstered anything. You did an amazing job!

  6. Absolutely fantastic work!! I'd attempt the same thing...covering right over the staples and brads. :-) Yes, love the fabric!

  7. Oh my gosh, I am so impressed! I took an upholstery class once so that I could re-cover two winged-back chairs. I did get the first one done - such hard work, not a project for wimps and I promptly paid the instructor to re-cover my 2nd chair for me! Great fabric choice of yours by the way. Congratulations on a job well done!

  8. Oh my, that chair looks gorgeous, you did a great job !
    Nice weekend,

  9. You did a fabulous job, Roxi! Your chair is gorgeous.

  10. I'm LOL-ing right now. This sounds like so many of my own 'adventures' over the years: just jump right in and figure it out as you go along. Then breathe a big sigh at the end, and feel extra proud and amazed that you survived.
    BTW, the result is beautiful!


    The remaining five chairs should go more smoothly, now that you have worked out the wrinkles (pun intended)

  11. Love how it turned out. Definitely must be the staplers problem.

  12. Wow...what a beauty! Thanks for sharing this! Aloha!

  13. I LOVE the fabric you chose...would love to have a straight on view of that quilt. It is lovely, too.

  14. Lots of work -- but an amazing transformation. Wonderful random 5 Roxi. Thanks so much for joining in. xo

  15. oh that turned out gorgeous! i bought a cheapy chair from goodwill that i want to try to re-upholster. i've never done it before but i saw a tutorial with stapling, no-sewing...i can staple ;) i was thinking an animal prints with bright red trim on the wooden legs and arms! of course it still sits here in all its 80's powder blue velvet glory lol

  16. I am SO jealous...terrific Random 5! GREAT fabric, too, by the way...from this fabri-holic!


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