Thursday, September 5, 2013

Sunflower Story Board

Just a little Start to Finish homework that I'm catching up on. Day 7 It was good to review some of the details of the Print Module. I may actually have it down now.
I suppose I could have added a quote but then I wouldn't have gotten around to getting my chair upholstered today. It was nice to have a day off and not spend it on the computer. Now I know how I used to get so much done all the time. Photos tomorrow.


  1. Great story board. I have to do that lesson yet. Hope the chair turned out great!

  2. Totally awesome, I love storyboards, they just seems to makes images look better. Not that these needed any help. Love all the colors, so rich and wonderfully fall looking but summery. If there is such a thing you did it.

  3. Love this storyboard, esp. the unusual combination of the pink flowers with the sunflowers. I have spent a lot of time getting to know the Print Module and all of its intricacies. I find myself referring to Kim's many videos on storyboards in her other classes...more than any other topic!

    Are we going to see the new chair?


  4. I love this! I can't embellish my comment ... I just love it!


I read and appreciate all your comments. Have a blessed day!