Wednesday, August 7, 2013


One thing I believe.
You get what you pay for.
Having good tools is important to me. Whether it's gardening tools, sewing machine, scissors, drills, or graphics programs. The quality of work (or should I say 'ease' of work) is generally far improved when good quality tools are used. The experience is more pleasurable also.
In my early years I picked up gardening tools at Walmart and such places, but then I wasn't a serious gardener either. Now they are purchased at nurseries and last many years as opposed to one or two. Here are a few shots from the yard this spring that I just happened to have a couple of my favorite tools in. The little long handled hand hoe is not being made any more, sigh. I've had it more than 10 years.
A lot of texturing going on this week.
Linking up with Tuesday Muse.
NancyCleas_elizabeth Colorburn 29%
RoxiH_Warmth Softlight 100%
Slight Saturation adjtments
RoxiH_Photo Textures_Fawn Softlight 65%
More curves and dodge and burning.

ps1-78-UnderThePier-KellieMize Multiply 83%
JoanneBrisebois_Harvest1912_Paper5 Overlay 95%
All layers merged set at multiply 27%.
Text: Dutch and Harley, Myanmar MN.
Added cooling action with just dark and light blue layers and darkening edge.

InPursuitofLiberty06__MichelleColeman Multiply 100%
Some levels and curves and masking.
Crackle-X-JosephFrancis ColorBurn 55%
Crackle-DD-JosephFrancis Color burn 69% 
Hue Sat Adj Layer -20
Most of this is homework for a class I'm taking at Digital Scrapper.

What's blooming? Well, this one sunflower plant has made quite the display against the corn. And the pumpkins are coming along nicely. They always seem to have trouble for some reason.
Hope your garden is well this year. We got a little bit of rain last night, a welcome relief. So my hair is curly today. ha!
By the way, this is my 200th post on this blog that was begun early last year as a result of signing up for Kim Klassen's Beyond class. The journey has been very cool indeed.


  1. Like your Motto: Her Heart says Art ... By The Way: your picts are greatful. Come from Rural Journal to look others.
    Here my pict to see

    Cheers, Heidrun

  2. Congratulations! 200 posts Yeah! I totally agree with having quality tools makes all the difference. I have a hand hoe that I got when I worked for my friend who had her own gardening business. I have never found another one like it, so I hope I never lose it.

  3. Congratulations, good tools are an investment....

  4. Congrats!!! I sooooooooooooooooo want that hoe! Lovely photos and texture work... Tools are never a place you want to be cheap! My husband has wonderful woodworking tools...he got them from me!

  5. I am so with you on tools!! Acquire the best you can afford...the proper tool makes all the difference in both the experience and the final results. (BTW, I say this about adhesives too).

    Speaking of tools...I just discovered a cool app - Paper - for my iPad. And am now considering getting a stylus, for drawing and for photo editing and digital 'stuff' Any thoughts?

  6. My husband generally picks up old tools at thrift stores and yep -- they don't make those anymore either!

    Love your editing -- especially your cute little toes with your tools. :)


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