Saturday, August 3, 2013

Dermott Texas Cemetery

My most recent cemetery jaunt was just off Highway 87 north of Snyder at Dermott.
This tiny cemetery was a few miles off the road. A little gravel, but that's no big deal.
These were taken on my iPhone and processed on the iPad. I haven't even looked at the ones on my camera. What is with me? Has this iphoneography taken control of me?

First two with Vintique.

Mextures App and Snapseed.
Noir Photo, I love this app...

This gate was first edited in Photo Toaster and cropped in Snapseed.
 Then edited in Noir Photo. Yes this app makes great black and whites.
One last shot in Lo-Mob, 6x6TTV70s.
Oh, and I must not forget the critter that greeted me and kept me from relaxing the whole time I was there. A millipede, approximately 7" long. It was good he showed up so easily on the light-colored ground.
Have a great week end!


  1. I 'get' this cemetery thing ... I really do! :-D

  2. Awesome Roxi!!!!! Love cemeteries!!! These pictures are great in the sepia! Great in color too!!!

  3. You are really doing some wonderful stuff with your iPhoneography! I continue to be amazed and inspired.


  4. Brilliant the Noir app looks interesting....


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