Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Emma Texas Cemetery

Three years ago if you had told me I would stop at cemeteries to take photos I would have said you were crazy. But two years ago our local Camera Club's prompt for February was just that. A friend that lived in a nearby small town informed me of a very old cemetery out in the middle of nowhere. It was at Emma, Texas a town that no longer existed.
This photo actually got voted second place that night. I had made a couple versions in Lightroom, exported them and layered them up in Photoshop to get this.
I love the eeriness of this one. Also processed with layers.

I decided it was a good time to revisit these since my collections has been growing. I had so much fun with the processing that it's encouraged me to seek out more. These 3 were of my faves but decided to process a few additional with some new presets and a little Lightroom 5 magic (since I just got it installed).
Hubby read the stones while I read the light.
 This was the only tree there and ugly to boot.
There were soldiers(veterans) from the civil war buried there, though this may not be one.
Two more previous edits.

A real treat was when the sun began to set. It was one of two most glorious sunsets I've witnessed. A panorama done in Photoshop, a bit of lightening up the foreground in Lightroom.
This was the beginning of a new love affair. Who could have guessed.


  1. Like you I have a fascination with cemeteries , they are so peaceful full of stories....

  2. Love cemetaries. But you have to stop to see them. I am a little slow there.

  3. I'm a cemetery lover, too - gorgeous!

  4. I love the angles that you shot at here and the processing fabulous. And you know I love cemeteries.

  5. Great series so shots. Cemeteries can be so intriguing when you stop to read the head stones and imagine the families.

  6. Roxi, this post just takes my breath away! I am fascinated by cemeteries too! I think some of the best photos I took in the UK in 2007 were at cemeteries - mostly in Ireland. I've been hard-pressed lately to get my camera out, but I might play with some of my UK images.

    As always,


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