Thursday, July 18, 2013

More Poppies Please

Yes, I'm going to milk these poppies for all they're worth.
Chevron brush from Fragments Too available here.
I like the 'translucent-ness' of these.
 And the starkness of this shot.
I've recently gotten a new iMac and I've been frustrated over the 'little things'. Like my icons previews have been disappearing. Then I go open a folder and they're stacked on top of each other and all over the place. I've been a Mac girl forever and this is the worst transition I've ever had. At least my Photoshop is running faster than ever. But sometimes my curser disappears. I threw the Finder preference file in the trash and restarted. That helped with the preview problem. It's hard to get any work done around here!


  1. Love the one of the tops of the bottles and the bottom half of the flowers. That stinks that it is going so badly. Those kind of changes are always frustrating.

  2. I totally understand computer frustration. I am crazy for your poppies. Can you sell the print with three. Wow. I remember my sign in name today so I can comment.

  3. Great work Roxi, sorry about the Mac misbehaving....

  4. I can understand why you want to keep working with the poppies... they're stunning! Love what you've done with the first set... absolutely beautiful xx

  5. Those are absolutely beautiful and I LOVE that Chevron brush....

  6. You may not be getting all the work done, but what you have gotten done is stunning.


I read and appreciate all your comments. Have a blessed day!