Friday, July 19, 2013

Friday Finds 7-19

From where I peck away on my computer (no, I should say click and stroke away on my Wacom) I have a perfect little view of part of my flower bed at my front door. Various birds will come to visit and if I remember to rise the blinds and keep my camera handy with the long lens attached, I can sometimes get a decent photo.
Well, this week a humming bird showed up! We rarely see them and to ever think I would get a shot at one is a million to one.
He didn't stay long at all. I don't think he liked the flavor.
I've seen two more check out my skullcap. Perhaps it's time to get a feeder.
Edited in Lightroom.
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  1. Great capture of these fast moving beautiful creatures.

  2. You know I love hummingbirds and this is an excellent shot! Put up that feeder. You'll be captivated and I know you'll get awesome photos.

  3. Great capture. I love the blur of the wing.

  4. Wow! You 'caught' a hummingbird! Ours flit so quickly that I can never get them ... and they don't come around often in spite of all our efforts to attract them. Congratulations! I'm envious.

  5. Nice one! I love seeing them near the flowers!

    We have four feeders up and have tons of visitors! In the evening they buzz all around the backyard and sound like a bunch of little fairies.

  6. Oh Roxi, so glad you had the long lens and camera ready and waiting! It's so hard to get a good shot of a hummer! This is beautiful!! It's been a few years since I've seen any - they are coming around this year, and I put out the feeder this week - he hasn't been back that I've seen. I'll keep waiting.

  7. That is not easy! I don't put my camera away for that reason...actually I have two bodies and one ALWAYS has my longest lens on it! GOOD FOR YOU!!!!! It's a perfect shot...

  8. this morning I saw a hummingbird in my back garden...but all I could do is appreciate it...since my camera was nowhere around - your photo is stunning - excellent job!

  9. Oh, what a sweet bird, wonderful capture !
    Nice weekend,


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