Sunday, July 21, 2013

Insta pics of the Week 7-21

Instagram pics this week.
I learned how to use masking and brushes in iColorama this week. Which is what I did to the first 2 photos. Photoshop, I'm beginning to think I may not need you near as much as I thought.
My so-called 'original' was edited in Snapseed and a retrolux filter applied. Great for making wrinkles disappear.

You can guess this was done with the same original as the previous. I love to 'paint back in' after erasing in Repix. Then I did another image with edges in iColorama and blended them both in Blender. Perhaps a tutorial is in order.

I added 3 different 'lights' in Lenslight.
Such fun to play and play and play.


  1. Fabulous Roxie love the effects....

  2. Usually I can somewhat figure out the process, but these have me blessedly stumped! The watercolor/sketch image is particularly fascinating...and they all are lovely!

    Did I hear you say 'tutorial?'...


  3. Tutorial, yes it IS in order! Stunning.


I read and appreciate all your comments. Have a blessed day!