Friday, July 26, 2013

Friday Finds 7-26

I had a bit of a break from cyber space this week. It actually felt good. Last night I was thinking that I haven't been very present in the 'real' world for awhile and need to do some re-evaluating. (We'll see how long that lasts.)
My Friday find this week is two-fold. Linking up with Kim's Friday Finds.
#1. The Olloclip App. I've had an Olloclip for a quite awhile and use it periodically, mostly for macro shots. It's slid over the camera lens on your phone and is able to do fisheye and wide angle also. The great thing about shooting through the app is that the macro has a loupe view that zooms in a bit closer. Mind you, you are already nearly touching what you are shooting. After the shot you have the choice to adjust your photo, like stretch out a fisheye, etc.
#2. The Olloclip camera case. (I ordered mine from B&H.) It came in the mail this week. LOVE it. It is nice and sleek, almost like not having a case, so I make sure I have a good grip on it while pulling it from my pocket. (Dropped my phone on the concrete this spring and to replace the glass on a 5 is close to $300. Give me a break!) It has a flip corner that opens so you can slide on the Olloclip without removing the case. Be sure to check out how it clicks the shutter too. Pretty snazzy.
Here are shots from this morning, unedited.

Same photo 'adjusted'


  1. You got some fabulous macro shots with that Olloclip!

  2. Wow Roxi Olioclip going on Christmas list wonderful ....

  3. incredible shots...I am so impressed...wonderful job...

  4. Fantastic shots. I will admit I don't use mine as much as I should because of the case. I'll have to think seriously about a new case.

  5. wow! That is pretty cool. I think I will do some more research on it. Thanks for sharing the info.

  6. all so pretty but the yellow one with the reflection on the wings is really special!!

  7. WOW! From a phone?! Roxi, I'd really like your thoughts on the book I just finished, "The Digital Invasion." Good food for thought.

  8. I'm with Viv...this will be on my Christmas list for sure! You made some wonderful images!



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