Wednesday, June 26, 2013


How about something pretty before I start on this?

Lightly edited in Lightroom. (lightened the shadows) Taken with iPhone5 HDR setting. 
I decided to clean out the notes on my phone today. (I also need to clean out my email and my closet.) the only reason I even started to do this was because the microphone all of a sudden was greyed out so I couldn't speak my notes in. (If you haven't tried this it's soooo awesome, speak your texts and anything else that has keyboard access. hmmm I need to see if this works on Instagram)
I found notes from 2009.  I guess that's when I got my first iPhone. I found a To Do list for August 20, 2009 and guess what? It may as well be today's date. 
Phone case
Cream (let's just say this is hormone cream)
Bug spray. House. Yard 
Fertilizer Sutherlands  
Fertilize flowers  
Prime and touch up paint at work
Guess I won't delete this, just add it to the most current To Do list. 
Speaking of notes...
Early last year I had this bright idea. I went around to every room in the house and made a list of UFOs for each room on sticky notes and stuck them to the door frames. I was surprised that I had only 4-5 in each room. What is a UFO you ask? Why, an UnFinishedObject. I first learned about these in my quilting days. A project would get started and then end up in a box to be completed later, sometimes by the next generation. I acquired a lot of these over the years. I seldom sew these days but they are all labeled and stored in the closet.
(Snapseed edit)
Back to the sticky notes.
I could swear I took a photo of them because I planned on a blog post, but I've searched Lightroom to no avail. Also thought I had saved them, (I'm sure I did, but only found one still stuck to a large framed painting of poppies leaning behind a chair in the bedroom. The good news for the bedroom is that only one thing on the list gets carried over to this year. (the painting, but I've added painting the frame to the list.)
(Snapseed edit)
So I've redone my list of UFOs and mostly what's on the list is redoing wall decor and some new shutters or blinds.
I seem to have a hard time staying focused as the years go by. So I'll just add another class to my list to take in July. What is wrong with me?!?!?!?
Can I have the month off?


  1. I think that you are my long lost, always wanted sister. The whole reason I started my blog Becoming a Finisher was to finish unfinished projects. Of course, I have completely strayed from that concept. I need to get new blinds for most of the rooms and the kitchen/dining room needs painting. Maybe in the fall :) And really whats one more class in July? hardly anything.

    1. hardly anything? maybe if if you hadn't already signed up for 2 others.

  2. You're so fun! Love the UFOs - sounds more exciting than To-Dos.

  3. tee, hee, Roxi. I say just let it all go until autumn, and then re-assess...

  4. love your UFOs...there are many flying around my home too!!

  5. UFOs - I love it! It seems like at least three new items get added to my list for each one I can check off. But it's summer. I think you should add "have some fun" to your schedule - and don't let it become a UFO!

  6. I'm bad about taking too many classes at one time!

  7. Some UFO's have served their purpose just as they are...usually an important part of the learning process. (My quilt friends and I have dished over this for years).
    Move on and start with where you are right now.

    BTW You are already doing this. ;)


  8. UFO's...I don't care what your passion is, if it's sewing - you collect fabric; if it's needlework - you collect floss, specialty threads, and linen/evenweaves; if its scrapbooking (digital, hybrid or paper) - its paper and elements; if its photography - its lenses, textures, software, tablets, and e-courses...AND I've been ALL of these and still am. Guess what, Rox, your NORMAL!!!!!


I read and appreciate all your comments. Have a blessed day!