Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Texture the Baby

It's Texture Tuesday and I love using textures as backgrounds on some of my baby shots. Especially when I catch Hallie with some good 'white' space around her. This is Isobel by Kim Klassen. I think I set it to multiply and turned the opacity down a bit and erased it from her.
I've also added two layers of a brush from my Art Journal Kit, each in a different color from her skin tones.
Is she not sweet!?! And she's starting to walk!
Come on over to the Cafe for the free and easy edition with Kim Klassen.


  1. She looks so adorably sweet. Beautiful lighting.

  2. She's adorable, I love Kim textures too.

  3. What a great job. I love the way you processed the picture and by the way she is so adorable......

  4. O man -- my goodness this is so beautifully done -- love the textures to the left and the softness it's prefect...

  5. She is precious! A great texture for this image.

  6. I love her innocence. Wonderful shot....I like what you did with the texture/background.

  7. Hi Roxi,

    Thanks for leaving such a nice comment on my blog. You can follow me by clicking the Google Friend Connect button on the sidebar.

    Hope to see you again,

  8. Yes, she is very sweet, Roxi!! Love her hair ... and you better watch out, they grow up way way too fast in my opinion!! I absolutely love the texture work on this! You enjoy your weekend! Hope it will be a bit more spring-like for you ... I think we'll finally have some warmer temps here!


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