Thursday, January 3, 2013

Year in Review 2012 -Selfies

It was the year I got braver about taking self-portraits. And it was fun. I just had to make myself enjoy it at the time and then cracked up over some of it later.
January, things I like (still hiding).

February, watching Kelby Training while sewing.

March, gardening.

April, ugly knee shot, but I live in these short while working in the yard.

May, my birthday.

June, I do still have those shorts on...

July, Shot a movie and stole a clip for this.

August, playing techie nerd.

September, out in someone's pasture with their dogs barking at me.

October, out looking for fall color.

November, found some in Dallas. Also a movie clip.

December, our first snow.

To the future, wherever the path takes me it will definitely include self-portraits.


  1. I LOVE these Roxi. My favorites - Feb. great multi-tasking, July, September and the last one. They are all great, but those really hit me. I can learn a few lessons from you this year.

  2. These are so great. I love that you did this. What a great accomplishment for sure and they all are beautiful.

  3. What a wonderful way to celebrate yourself, Roxie!! I love your January "hiding" image ... The composition is lovely and your hair color stunning! I love some of those things too ... Especially the smell of homemade bread!! ;->

  4. Each and every shot is precious. You are beautiful!

  5. Roxi, these are just sooooo wonderful, I couldn't put my finger on one that I liked more. Good for you, SP's are a lot of fun and who knew that before Now You?

  6. Thank you for visiting Thistle Cove Farm, I followed you home. Great photos, especially the one of you in the pasture.

  7. Roxi, I love your selfies so beautiful...

  8. They are all awesome...but the one of you multi-tasking...just too cute.

  9. Creative self-portraits. Now maybe I won't be so shy about trying it myself

  10. Wow! Lovely reminder of your year! Inspirational! I've only tried this once....

  11. Wow! Lovely reminder of your year! Inspirational! I've only tried this once....

  12. really nice and very creative. A great year !

  13. What a wonderful post and compilation of selfies! You're inspiring...might have to challenge myself more in 2013...Beautiful work!


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