Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Altering Technology

It's been a very productive last few days. It all started on Saturday when I got to play techie again. This time I replaced the optical drive (where the disks go in) with my old hard drive. (I had replaced the HD with a new Solid State drive a few months back.) Then I put the optical drive in a case so it could still be used to burn extra back up disks.
I can't believe such a thing would be so exciting, but now I have nearly 1T of HD space and I think maybe it's even running a bit faster. Thinking about hanging out a shingle. hmmmm......
I got my goods from Other World Computing and they have such good video instruction for replacing parts. All you have to be is brave.
I found a way to make it fit right in with my One Little Word. (altered)
Textured with kk_0101 overlay 76%,
and kk_reentry multiply 100
by Kim Klassen.
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  1. Love this ... a right brain v. left brain battle going on here. I love how you used your techy based photo to create art with Kim's texture.

    PS - Can you help speed up my slow laptop?

  2. Way to go!! If you do decided to hang out your shingle, I just know it will be the most picturesque shingle ever!

  3. Hey Roxi, from one techie to another...you go girl!

  4. Roxi you are a marvel and I love your photos.....1T of HD space think of all the dig scrapbooking stash you could put on it !!!!!

  5. You are so brave. I know I would put something in the wrong place and ruin the whole thing. Great job.

  6. Wow! I'd never go there! good for you!

  7. You are so brave, just looking at the pictures I almost had a melt down!

  8. This is like you are God. Occassionally I have to have my husband come and turn my computer on. You should have something like a war ribbon.

  9. All I can say is WOW!


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