Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Where Your Heart is

Your feet will bring you to where your heart is. -Irish Proverb
I've spent far too much time sitting at the computer. It's a great playground. Photoshop. Lightroom. Textures. Pictures. Of course the photos wouldn't exist if I didn't get off my backside and go take some.
It's an inner struggle to just GO. Just go do it. My computer is already full of things to play with, do I really need more? What is it that my heart searches for?
Beauty in the simpleness of the earth. 
Like white-gold prairie grass against a stormy blue winter sky. 
One red tree that pops for the landscape. 
A sea of oak leaves at least ankle deep. 
Or just one at rest among scattered pebbles holding it's breathe for the next gust of wind.
My heart is at peace there.


  1. I feel the same way sometimes, need to get up and go more but lucky for me you got up and went because these are beautiful images. That first one sure speaks to me. Love.

  2. Beautiful pictures. I too struggle with staying in now that the cold and wet is upon us in Michigan and the desire to go out and explore new places and have even MORE material to work with on the computer.


I read and appreciate all your comments. Have a blessed day!