Sunday, December 2, 2012

Autumn Color in Palo Duro Canyon

While visiting our friends, Barb & Jeff, in Amarillo, we took a spur of the moment trip out to the canyons. Much to my surprise the cottonwoods where robed in glory. These are majestic old trees and are dwarfed by the canyons. However the drive through them yielded bright sunlit leaves on a perfect memorable Sunday afternoon.
I miss my friends, who moved from here about 5 years ago. Jeff has had a nasty battle with cancer this year and just this past week had a very delicate surgery to remove a tumor around his descending aorta. He's doing well.


  1. Glad to hear that your friend's surgery went well Roxi. The photos you captured are beautiful!

  2. OK, your hair is gorgeous, Roxi. The fall splendor cannot keep up! Sounds like you had a very special time with your friends in this beautiful place.

  3. What beautiful light and so pleased your friend is doing well. I so wish to see those beautiful skies, it is grey and gloomy in my part of the world as we head towards Christmas. Thanks for visiting me today and you are a thinker AND a doer , .....

  4. Such beautiful yellow and golden tones. So happy to hear that his surgery went well.


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