Monday, October 15, 2012

October's Yard

Just a few scenes from around our yard this week. (Lightroom template, this is far too much fun.)The trees have actually begun to turn.
I just found out my Chinese Pistache is a male and not as colorful as the female, which also has berries. I WILL be buying one of those.
It's now feeling like football weather, just in time for our team to beat West Virginia for homecoming. Yea!


  1. Love the one with the snapdragons the best. What a gorgeous layout, Roxi --and as always phenomenal photography! You ROCK, ROX!

  2. Yep, you definitely captured the aura of fall! Thanks for the awesome help yesterday.

  3. Hi Roxi,
    You take beautiful photographs. I love the vibrant colors in the template above.

  4. Glorious Roxi the colours of Autumn are the best....


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