Thursday, July 12, 2012

Where I Live

Day 50 Beyond Layers Class is to shoot where you live. This is part of my photowalk from yesterday. I took a movie so I could get shots of myself and then did screen captures because I didn't have the time to figure out how to do it in CS6. As a result the resolution was bad but I love how the photo turned out. I cracked myself up watching the movies. My husband rolled on the floor too. Processed with Topaz Adjust.
Font, Girls are Wierd


  1. I love this! and how you improvised the processing of your movie.

  2. Wonderful photo! Day 50 - that's a lot of days with Beyond Layers. Hope you are enjoying that class. Kim does such a great job.

  3. Love this photo! This made me smile! My hubby tried to capture me jumping on the beach - let's just say I'm gravity challenged ;) and we were rolling laughing!

  4. What a fun and free-spirited image! Love it :)

  5. Love your image so much. I am in the BTS class and you put a lovely comment on my blog. To answer your question about my header. No it isn't a gif , I haven't changed it in ages really can't remember how I change out the images. By the way where you able to get the gif's to work? I have tried over and over and they word when I hit the play button but not when I upload to my blog.

    I looked for an way to contact you by email on your blog and didn't see a way. Thus the reason I am doing it here.


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