Monday, July 9, 2012

5 Year Yard Plan

Today I was reminded about how businesses are supposed to have a 5 year plan etc. and decided it would wise for me transfer this idea to my yard. It struck as I was weed-eating the edge of the concrete strip that had been poured for a fence near the garden so many years ago I can't remember. It still sits there with it's metal posts and no wood. We are so used to seeing it that we don't notice it's de-fence-iveness.
There are 3 reasons we changed our minds on this. 1. We(hubby) can't see the dog in his dog run when we pull into the driveway. Blake likes to holler at him as he pulls into the garage. 2. It would collect tumble weeds as they pass through. 3. I wouldn't be able to see the irises I have planted along that end of the garden. And last year I finished off a small area with a rock and flagstones where we buried one of our dogs. And that would be hidden too. There are so many things I want to do with our yard which is still young at 14 years. I think Blake can relate to the business plan idea and maybe we will actually get some major things done. Yesterday I mentioned my aunt's gardens…. Photos to come, but for now it was trip to Home Depot (because I had a gift card) for a few plants and soil amendments.
This spot was just plain neglected this year. But as I compared it to Crystal's I realized she didn't have any gnarly-looking irises. Note to self- move them- soon. In the mean time I will add some peat moss and fertilizer and pray it's not so burning hot the next few weeks.
My gardening duds.
Gosh, our grass looks looks good! And a wonderful plant called Esperanza which means hope in Spanish.
A trip to Hobby Lobby produced a few additional Yard Art bargains. All photos taken with my iphone and processed in RadLab with CS6.

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