Saturday, July 7, 2012

Timeline of Passion Day 2

1988: Began my first obsessive passion when I started quilting. Which led to teaching and writing books and entering national quilt shows.
1991: Enter divorce and a journey of discovery of human behavior and a deeper walk with Jesus.
1996: Quilting burn-out, marriage to a wonderful man, a reawakening of my love for gardening.
2006: Tho I always had a camera close by, I never thought I would be comfortable with anything more than a point and shoot. Then I discovered Photoshop Elements and started hanging around forums and learned that I could at least get one that was able to do manuel and such. Started doing digital scrapbooking.
2008: Got a neat Canon Powershot that I've taken some of my favorite photos with still to this day. I started designing and selling papers and brushes and such. 2010: Got a REAL camera, Canon 7D and started gathering lenses. By now I had tackled Photoshop and was turning into a PS Freak. Actually started selling some of my work.
2011: My garden begins to suffer because of my butt being glued in front of the computer.
2012: A visit to my aunt's house in N.Dak. shames me into redoing my flower beds and spending more time there.
What I really love to do is take a photo and turn it into art, whether it's adding texture or collage or brushes and text. I also love to show my friends how I do what I do. I really hope to start doing some videos. (I think I said that last year)
Texture by Kim Klassen. "Shooting through" with my 70-300 lens.


  1. Thank you for sharing. I enjoy your work and look forward to viewing your videos.

  2. Beautiful Photo and sentiment. Found you on BTS and your work is beautiful.


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