Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Around the Corner and Down the Road -a photo walk

Heading for the country roads without my morning coffee could be dangerous in itself. But it was a beautiful morning and I was ready to go, no detours or waiting for the Kuerig. 5 miles later I found a patch of wild sunflowers in a ditch. They chose a wheat field for a nice backdrop. It was skimpy compared to the thick fields I'd just seen in North Dakota but it came with a nice place to park my car and a tree (they are scarce here).

After a few shots it was time to set up the video and tripod so I would be able to steal still shots of myself jumping and dancing around in the flowers. Care was required to not look foolish as pickups buzzed past. The movies were hilarious, don't count on me showing any here. Well, I may give in….
Farmers don't like sunflowers in their wheat. I sure do. :)

Evidence of the Past
Evidence of Critters

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  1. What I particularly like about your blog is the casual feel it has, it really feels like you're talking and showing pictures "live".
    Great that story about jumping up and down in a sunflower field. My husband would roll on the floor too! And I can so relate to the feeling that by passers would see you.... aah well... I read in a book about photography some time ago: if you are going to worry about what people think when they see you taking pictures, you will miss a lot of great shots... It's true, but, I also scan before acting totally nuts :-))


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