Friday, March 23, 2018

Renovation Transformation

I can't believe my last post was in January (oh, actually I can. Not sure if I'm embarrassed or not.... no I guess I'm not.)

In reference to my word of the year, that last post ended with this statement. "So who really knows what this year will bring, but I'm ready."  (My word..... TRANSFORMED.)

First Transformation 2018....
Last weekend was the first we got to spend at home since Jan 23. We took the RV to the in-law's place and began demolition. Hubby stayed the whole time with the exception of a day here or there for meetings or paper signings. I did hair 2 days a week and spent the other 5 in renovation mode. The plan is to sell the house, which hadn't been kept up in a long time.

The kitchen isn't finished. (Waiting for the countertop to come in.) They called (3 weeks ahead of schedule) to announce it's arrival. Our hearts sank, only because we were tired and needed a break. We picked it up, but it is being stored in our 'barn' until we are ready. 

Last week our dog of 15 years has decided he's tired. Our walks are much shorter and he's not eating as much. No more running and jumping for him so we are not leaving town overnight for awhile.

I wish (sort of) that I had before images of the bathroom. It had no shower, probably the original cast-iron tub, a toilet and a pedestal sink that was only 20 years old. It also had an extra 3-4 feet of wasted space. We gave it a tub with shower and a gorgeous 5' marble topped two sink vanity. It now has a new floor, wood vinyl plank (grey) and new outlets, mirrors and light fixtures. It had been gutted so the sheet rock and texture are also new.
I did find a photo in process. I wish the pink and ecru ruffly curtain was still hanging over the ancient shade.

Blake replumbed everything.

Priming my new texture.

Tadaa! A finished bathroom! 
It was first on the list for obvious reasons of convenience.

I could seriously do this every day. Well... most of it. I have carpenter's blood in my veins from both sides of my family.


  1. Your bathroom is beautiful. So soft and airy! Great transformation.

  2. The new bathroom is gorgeous! I know I couldn't do this everyday, but the end result is worth it. 15 years is an amazing long life for a dog, and if he is just beginning to be tired, you have had a great life with him.


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