Thursday, January 4, 2018


It’s that time of year again to turn the page. Out with the old, in with the new.

I started my cleaning out early this year. In fact, I started on Christmas morning. I discovered mouse droppings in the corner of the pantry behind a cooler. And I didn’t dare stop until I made sure he had not eaten any of our food!

The beginning of October we heard some scratching in the wall and discovered mice had sneaked into our attic. It was just five days before we were to leave on a three week vacation. We managed to catch five before we left and enlisted our neighbor for mouse patrol while we were gone. And..... by the time he finished the grand total was 18. Creeps me out.

Back to purging. I have a packrat side of me, then I have a ‘throw it out quick before you can think’ side also. I spent nearly 2 full days on the bedroom. I have a desk in there that’s just used as a catchall so it was piled quite high. (and even higher during the holidays.) every time it’s cleaned I’m tempted to move my laptop/external monitor set up in there. Where I have it now, in the dining room is much more cheery and bright and I can look out the windows and watch the world go by. It would be nice however to get my dining room table back. Although we would seldom eat on it. I would really like to paint that table and chairs and recover the chairs. Right now that seems a daunting task.
OK, back to purging again.

I have a lot of nice cleaned off spaces in the house now. I also have several boxes of orphans, those things that don’t seem to have a home.  You’re not sure where to put them, store them or display them. And you’re not ready to throw them away. Perhaps today will be their day to find a home.

A daily site overhead.
Taken in Hipstamatic. I finally updated my app and now I need to sit down and figure out all the changes. While transferring from my phone I discovered an annoying thing. Hipstamatic names images files crazy. This one is JXIM6881 and the numbers are totally random so they are not in numerical order at all on my computer. If I arrange by time created that doesn't totally jive either. I'm determined to find a solution. To be continued.......


  1. Beautiful, hope-filled image, Roxi. I wish I had advice for your orphans. Similar problem here, lol. As for the mice, geesh! Sanitize, sanitize, sanitize!!! Happy new year!

  2. We painted instead of purging, but I do hope to get to that soon too.

  3. My physical space is pretty clear, but each year I do what I call a "digital detox." I have a horrible habit of keeping every photo I take, and cluttering up my desktop with WAY too many folders that then just sit there. Each year I start in January, and force myself to have it completed by February 1st. Feels SO good once it's done! :-)
    Have a great weekend!

    1. You sound like me! But if I waited til January to clean out photos I'm afraid it would take three months. And I have been trying to get that finished so I can do an official smaller backup.)


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