Monday, December 19, 2016

Baking for Christmas

Oh Blog, I've Missed You!
I'm still toying with the idea of moving this to Wordpress but it just seems too far down the list. Actually I think I will talk to Helen about it.
So many irons in the fire....
A December digital art project, baking, shopping, still life shots, present wrapping, shopping, decorating, shopping. I've definitely had fun shopping this year and I'm not a shopper. It's hard to stop though once I get started.
I've rented a 24-70 Canon lens these next two weeks and can see already that I don't want to return it. The only thing I don't like about it is the weight, oh yeah, and the price tag. LensRentals has a promo going where you get a week free. But this is confusing because my lens would have been $77 for a week and when I added another week it only took off $49. I even asked them about it and got an explanation that just made me shake my head. Oh well, I love this lens and I'm glad to have it through the holidays. I'm also taking some baby shots this weekend before Finn looses his baby fat.
In the mean time I'm practicing some human touch still life photos while baking kuchen, a delightful custard that's been a family tradition forever. If you want the recipe I posted it here last year. If you can believe it, my step-son decided to make it last week. Guess he wanted some really bad.

I hope you've had some 
'chill' time this (what can be) hectic season.


  1. I loved the 24-70mm when I rented it this summer, but it is heavy! And the price tag... I ended up buying a used 35mm prime that I adore. A bit cheaper and lighter.

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE the human touch photos. So the reason I didn't go for the 24-70 is because I read how heavy it was over and over again....that and price tag! But I love what it does.

  3. I just love these sort of pics! I actually got a 30mm macro for my Sony A77 that works pretty well for this type of shot. Happy holidays!


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