Monday, March 28, 2016

Mobile Art Monday No. 42

I had an editing frenzy yesterday while on the road heading home. The scenery was boring and I was tired of shooting from a moving vehicle. Besides, I had taken the mother-in-law for a drive around her town and a bit into the country so I had quite a stash to choose from.

I have a new Stackables formula for you today called Clouds. It's perfect for those cloudless skies. Click here to download the Cloud formula and save it to your Dropbox. 
Now on your device, open Dropbox and click the file. In the upper right corner, click the first box (with arrow pointing up) Use the 'Open in' option and choose Stackables. It will ask if you want to import the formula, tap 'Import'.

This was my (nearly) original after cropping and lightening shadows and such in Snapseed. I removed the power lines in Retouch. (Tip: remove part of them at a time, it turns out better.)

I then decided to see what Clarity in Camera+ would do. Then added two filters on top of that.

Since I was working on my phone I didn't have access to my hundreds of custom presets from my iPad. (I should remedy this and transfer a few favorites.) So I had a play with some of the featured artists formulas. (The center beaker with the star.) These were a couple of favorites.

Sands of Time


This is another shot edited with the Clouds formula.

Sands of Time 

Another cool one from that group, Winter Sunset.

An abandoned house edited with Camera+ similar to the first one.

More featured artists' formulas. By Gone.

Jai Ho

I can hardly believe that someone lives there but they apparently think satellite is a necessity.
With all the flowers starting to bloom I may post more this week. That also means more work in the garden however, and soar muscles. I see a massage in my future.

Have a great Mobile Monday!


  1. Wonderful work as always. That is funny about all the satellite dishes and barely a house... priorities I guess...

  2. you are such a great editor! love your work!


I read and appreciate all your comments. Have a blessed day!