Sunday, February 21, 2016

Mobile Art Monday No. 40

I have a new Stackables formula for you today. I call it Antique Feather. The warm tones of the feather and clarity are preserved by using masks in Stackables. 

The original was edited in Snapseed for sharpness and contrast detail in preparation of whatever I use it for.

A version without all the edge texture is easy to achieve with a few tweaks to the formula. Rather than just give you the other formula I'll make you work for it. Aren't I mean? No, I want you to get familiar with adjusting the layers in Stackables.

Click HERE to download the Antique Feather formula and save it to your Dropbox. 
Now on your device, open Dropbox and click the file. Use the 'Open in' option and choose Stackables. It will ask if you want to import the formula, tap 'Import'. 
You will find it under the 'formula' icon with the heart. Click the Antique Feather formula on the right  to apply it.

To create the less grungy edit, proceed with the following steps.
Apply the Antique Feather formula. 
Click the wrench icon at the lower right corner. This makes the whole formula editable.
Delete the last 3 layers. 7, 8, & 9 by choosing each one and clicking the -.
Add a new layer 7 by choosing +, then Texture at the top. Scroll down the right side and choose the Vulcan Ash and change the blend mode to Hard Light. Lower the opacity slider to 34.

Now lets add a mask to this layer. 
Click the mask icon at the top left.
On the right, choose the 4th mask (radial) with the dark center. 
Choose Extent on the lower left, then adjust the slider to -58.

Now choose Opacity and adjust it to 75.
(Note these last two show a square version. The formulas will adjust to whatever size your photo is.)

I hope you have been having fun with Stackables. It offers so many possibilities.


  1. Thanks Roxie, for the tutorial, I didn't know you could do a mask. Love the explanation. Love the feather also.

  2. Fantastic Roxi you really are the go to person for advice and tips thanks x

  3. Thanks Roxi, more great ideas I have to try!


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