Monday, December 7, 2015

Mobile Art Monday No. 38

I intended to take a bit of a break from Mobile Art Monday through the holiday season because of travel and art show busyness. But after rekindling my love for Snapseed, I thought I would post this. 
It has always been my go to app for cropping and fine tuning before I take it somewhere else to add textures and effects. But for great shots that don't need an artsy edit, Snapseed is awesome. 
I was able to find a bit of fall remaining in Kansas City this morning as we left our hotel.

I have screen shots of the different edits as I added them.  First, the original.

Second, the Tune image module.

Third, a few details.

Fifth, I decided to crop to square.

Sixth, I little touch from the HDR module.

And lastly, my favorite, a vintage filter, in which I always seem to reduce the vignette.

Snapseed has had some incredible improvements with their update this past year and I will find a good tutorial for you and post later. Posting this from the car in the middle of Kansas isn't optimal conditions for linking or tutorial writing. I've done a good bit of 'drive by shooting' on this trip. I'm getting pretty good at panning with the iPhone.

Here are a couple others I did in Snapseed. 

I managed to meet up with an Instagram friend, Barbara, @gingerfancy. We had a nice lunch and drove around several lakes in Minneapolis capturing everything from nature to people to boats. I missed Mureen @heartseephotography, who I really wanted to watch do some editing in iColorama. After being on the road for 11 days juggling family visits in three different towns and a work seminar, the hub's patience was quite thin. I knew I'd be pushing it to try to hook up with anyone else.  As it turned out Diana was at Union Station the same afternoon. Now I kick myself for not at least touching base with her earlier. And it would have been good to stop at Beth's new shop she's setting up just out side Ottawa. That was just a couple miles off I35 on the way home. 

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  1. I love Snapseed! And how fun to have a meet up with IG friends. There are a few localish ones in Michigan that I would love to connect with.


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