Monday, August 24, 2015

Mobile Art Monday No. 30

Today I'm warning you to be aware when you combine any old files with new ones...
My finished edit.
This weekend I was cleaning out my iPad and came across a 30% grayish file from April of this year. An accident I assume, but thought I would put it to good use. I would import it into Mextures and make a few textures from some of my saved formulas. I made three, saved them, and decided to play around with the pink one. 
On the left is the texture made in Mextures. On the right, I've used Repix to add more texture and a painterly quality.

Now for some layering. 
In Superimpose, I brought in the Repix edit as the bottom layer and my wilted desert willow as the top layer.

I proceeded to blend and mask, then saved it to camera roll. You have a choice when you save to Camera Roll if you want to preserve the Metadata from the Foreground or Background. I normally leave mine as background because I'm usually working on current photos. In this case it was not a good idea. 
I normally use the Transfer Photo App to get my photos from my devices to my computer and when I did this I just happened to notice that none, no not one, of my various versions of this edit series was showing on the camera roll to import.
I decided to open the Photo Metadata Reader on my iPad and see what it had to say. The images were right there, the last things I had edited but the date said April 2015. Problem solved, sort of, at least the mystery was. 
I have often noticed, depending on which app you are editing in, it may save your edits back with the original photo. And if that photo was months ago it may get skipped when importing to the desktop. At least that's how Transfer Photo works. 
I may have to go back to using Image Capture (Mac) to pull in my images. One nice thing about Photo Transfer app though is that it shows all your albums so if you're wanting to import all your Hipstamatic shots it's very easy to do. It also has a Drop Box, Google Drive and a Flickr plugin. I'll be checking those out to see if they'll be handy for my work flow.

I am curious, what app are you using to transfer photos to your desktop?

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