Monday, August 10, 2015

Mobile Art Monday No. 28

Hipstamatic may be the best quick photo effect app there is in app-land. I often forget to use it. Sometimes I'll find a subject and a lens and filter combo that just work and then a take a million photos. That's what happened in the sunflower field last week. As a result I decided to do '31 days of Hipstamatic Sunflowers' on Instagram. I am sharing those on Facebook also.
Ok, I didn't take a million photos but I ended up with 357 shots on my phone, of which 259 were Hipsta shots. And that was just Monday. I went back on Wednesday and took more.
My first favorite combo I'll feature today is with Ina's 1982 film and the Tejas lens. It makes great blue skies and gorgeous sunflowers. Here are just a few.

On Wednesday I went prepared for some selfies but wasn't anticipating such high humidity. Oh well, I've had worse 'bad hair' days. Hipstamatic doesn't have a timer that I know of so when you use a remote you have about a half second to hide it.
 Here are a few bloopers.

This one makes me laugh!

And my gear for the day.
Have a great Monday!


  1. These are stunning - each one of them. I like Hipstamatic but find the combinations a little overwhelming at times.

  2. Really fun! and I love your sunflower series Roxi!

  3. Your sure are an expert with the apps. I can see you use your camera then the app? Love the sunflower shots. I am always looking for those fields in the summer.

    1. Hipstamatic is a camera app where you have the choices of different lens and film combinations. Once in awhile I will edit them more in another app.

  4. Such a beautiful array of sunflowers, each with a distinct beauty. I use to love Hipstamatic but haven't used it in ever so long. In fact, I haven't used my iPhone for taking images in ever so long. Enjoyed the series Roxi.

  5. Roxi, This series of sunflowers is gorgeous. I love the two lens you used here. Hipstamatic is such a cool app.....You are definitely the queen of phone apps....


I read and appreciate all your comments. Have a blessed day!