Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Introducing the Boy Child

I've been waiting forever it seems for Crew to start sitting up. At 8 months he's sitting up good and crawling like a maniac! So here are some of my favorite shots I got this weekend. To drool or not to drool? That is the question. I touched it up on some, but on others it was just too cute to leave it there.
Crew's first business profile photo! (LOL, we rolled on the floor over this one.)

"Oh, you're such a pushover!"

"Hey Babe, what's shaking?"

"You don't mind a little drool, right?"

"Did you hear ....?"

"Hey Babe! Can I get your number?"

The little guy sat on this chair for quite awhile, only because it had a sagging seat to hold him.

I worked on trying to get my 580II flash to fire off camera the day before and finally gave up. Because the light wasn't as good as I'd hoped, I used my 50 1.8 lens and didn't pay attention half way through and cranked it up to f/4. Well that was a mistake. I ended up with 3200 ISO. Oh well, at least we finally got some photos.


  1. What a cutie I love the teddy images. He is going to break hearts.

  2. Roxi, these are wonderful and I think a little drool is just fine....it's real life!

  3. He is going to be a lady killer when he gets older...those eyes!

  4. Love all these captures,,,,,soooo cute,,, you got some amazing poses!!!

  5. He's totally adorable ! Love all the poses :)


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