Sunday, July 5, 2015

No filter Needed

Some of you may remember a post last September where I had done a quick still life shot of this old camera and the roll of film it still contained. First I had to finish off the film shooting around my yard. 

I took it to the local camera shop which of course doesn't do film processing any more, but they agreed that Mr. Printer would do it when he got around to it. 
Just two weeks ago I was thinking I'd really rather just have that roll back for shooting stills when low and behold they called and said it was ready.
Apparently I didn't know how to use the camera because none of my shots came out. Here are the 4 that were on the camera. 

And no filter was used in these images. Notice the writing on this last one...

I may have to make up a story to go with them. Or perhaps you, my friends, can start one in the comments and everyone just keep adding to it. That sounds more interesting.


  1. Such an awesome find, Roxi! I love your first photo too1

  2. I have an old roll of film that I found in a brownie camera. I have not developed it yet... it was full I think. Looks like they were on vacation, not sure where...

  3. the dog went too so not overseas?

  4. The lady reminds me of my great aunt Marguerite including the cigarette.


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