Friday, June 26, 2015

Social Media

Would you like to own and take care of 6-8 houses? Or how about one house with 6 bathrooms?
Social Media is like owning a house with too many bathrooms and not having a cleaning lady.
Let's just think about the bathroom...
Time spent there can be relaxing, soothing and bubbly.
It can make you look at yourself.
You can leave your crap there.
You can hide the real you behind makeup.
You can leave there feeling good about yourself or not measuring up.
The bathroom (social media) can be about being real or covering up.
Face it. It can stink.

I guess my house has 6 bathrooms.
However, I keep the door closed on the Google+ and Pinterest bathrooms, making an occasional visit throughout the year. (I must visit my daughter-in-law's wish list when her birthday is near. And I have no idea what I should do with Google+ but add a link to my blog posts as I publish them.)
If I look closely at my FB bathroom I see 5 toilets there and several (unnecessary) urinals. So many groups I attempt to keep up with…. Yours my even have Twitter or Tumbler...

This just happens to be where I am right now.
Social media has been an escape for me. An escape from reality.
It's also where I've gone to refuel. Instead of to the One who created me.
I've allowed other people's opinions to fulfill me.

However, on the other hand... The beauty of the work of other artists soooo inspires me and shows me beauty through their eyes I would not see otherwise.
It's all about balance and knowing when to quit.


  1. Social media is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it opens up a highway for new friends with like interests and a place to learn. On the other hand, it can be a real time robber. Facebook and Instagram are my two main social media sites. I learned very quickly that Pinterest can be a real time thief and I've never tried the others. I am so seldom on Flickr it's not even fair to include it in my social media sites. Good post, Roxi, with good thoughts.

  2. I agree with Dotti that it is a great place to make new friends, but I know I can also get too reliant on Social Media for my friends, not stepping out to make face to face friends. I know that I have been craving that face to face, real life connection more and more, which is part of the reason I go out and adventure, I never know who I will have a conversation with. After a week away from social media while on vacation, I find it easier to limit myself now, plus it's summer, so I want to be outside.
    Great post, thanks for bringing up the discussion.

  3. And I agree with you, Dotti and Sarah. I really don't know how people keep up with all of it and still live their lives! I have to admit to being a bit addicted to IG and have made many "friends" there, some of whom I've even met in person. I'm on Facebook so little and really prefer Flickr, although I rarely get a chance to do much there. There are so many blogs I'd like to read but seldom have the time other than reading and posting on Focusing on Life. Sometimes I feel as though I'm missing so much and then other times I think it's just right. Thanks for starting this discussion. Good food for thought!

  4. Agree with all of the above. It's about finding the right balance and not feeing driven

  5. Days like today, I love social's just too hot (107 in the shade) to go outside. Other times, especially when I get an FB email telling me I have 20+ posts in Group X, 20+ posts in Group Y and 20+ posts in Group Z - and 20+ comments on each post I created...well, those days all I can do is just hit the delete key for the FB email.

  6. I went in search of your post, and I found it - this is awesome. You describe it in such a unique way! I love it...and it's true! Pinterest is very dangerous for me - I'm such a visual person and I can waste hours looking at "all the pretty pictures", getting ideas, inspiration, etc. But then I'm spending all my time looking instead of creating. Your blog is beautiful!


I read and appreciate all your comments. Have a blessed day!