Monday, May 18, 2015

Mobile Art Monday No 19

I almost always shoot a few still life shots with my phone while doing some serious and nonserious still life set ups. In fact some days I get real carried away and start shooting with Hipstamatic too and some time I get on a roll with the phone and get so side tracked I forget to pick the camera back up. This was one of those days....
I used VSCOcam app to edit several of these on my iPad. I made an amazing discovery too (It was actually a 'duh' moment.) So I'll share in case you didn't know either.
I've always just clicked through the presets until I found one I liked, then I got curious and clicked this icon in the lower left corner.

When you do, this window pops up. Now why didn't I know that before? Perhaps it was in the last update. That will be my excuse.... Scroll to see your photo previewed and pick the one you want. click the same icon to take you back. Don't click the one in the lower right, that undoes your edit.

VSCOcam has an great tutorial (although its a couple years old) explaining the incredible features of this app. It has some great ‘matte finish’ filters and portrait filters. Among it’s editing tools are three that are rarely included in most apps. The infamous fade which is very popular right now, the ability to lighten shadows and restore highlights.  It comes with some freebies to get you started but also has in-app purchases. It has free presets in the store that you can download. One new trick I learned in the above tutorial is that I can rearrange my presets so my favorites ones are at the front of the list. Even the tool kit can be re-arranged. (Thumbs up!)

VSCOcam reminds me a lot of Kim Klassen's Lightroom presets. Now my iPhone photos can look like I did them in Lightroom. 
Preset T1

Preset T1

Preset T1

Preset T1 
A pleasant surprise shot that caught my eye as I was 'cleaning up'.

Preset T1 This is a favorite and I decided I wanted all these to look similar with the next being an exception.

Preset T2

Now for a few Hipstamatic shots.
My all time favorite for dark pink or red flowers. Jane lens and BlancoC16 film.

My favorite black and white sharp combo is Jane lens and BlackKeys Extra fine. It doesn't work good on very dark pink or red. These were just light enough.

And you can't skip Dream canvas and BettieXL when it comes to pink peonies.

And a Hipsta version on a variation of my first shot using Jane and BlancoC16.

Here's to a great start to your week!


  1. These are all beautiful but you realize, I do have shutter envy now. For several days, probably since first seeing your shutter, I've been thinking a trip to the antique/junque store is in order.

  2. Your peonies are so grand, I am assuming these are from your yard as I haven't seen any at TJ's that equal these babies. I love your accident of the shot of broken petals on the wonderful white.


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