Monday, March 23, 2015

Mobile Art Monday No. 12

We live at the edge of town and our neighbors at the end of the block have had a variety of animals over the years. Last week we walked the dog further than usual and discovered 2 longhorns had shown up in their back yard. They immediately came to the fence and that made me very nervous. The next day they came around back toward the alley and we didn't have much room to distance ourselves and they appeared to be quite friendly but they seemed to have their eye on the dog. I took iPhone shots from every angle trying to keep the fence out of the shot. I finally got down low and but couldn't get his whole spread in. He was too close and I was a barely brave. So this will be the first of I'm sure many longhorn edits to come on Instagram.

 Here is a Flipagram of the edit…

A black and white edit in Stackables.

How about an semi-pastel style longhorn? This reminded me of an Easter egg, sort of...

And one more… All in Stackables

Happy Monday to you!


  1. Wonderful and fascinating shots! I love cattle but they do terrify me - this one here would paralyze me ...

  2. Truly amazing.. This photo should be framed and hung. It really is wonderful.


  3. Oh what great canvases any one of these would make! Love them!

  4. Awesome shots! Love the contact his is making. Great post process!

  5. I am in love with the semi-pastel one, not sure why but love the different look it gives it. I guess the unexpected.

  6. The first one is my favorite. It reminds me of a summer I spent in Texas when I was 15, living on a friend's ranch, herding cattle among other fun activities. The soil was red and those cattle kicked up a lot of hot dust, yielding an atmosphere like what I see in this image. Love it!

  7. I love the top one and the pastel. I am so glad that you showed this as I have been once again looking at Julianne Kost's work, and a tutorial on how she does it. I did it in Lightroom. Posted today. But the pixeling looks like crap. And I do like using my cell phone.

  8. Radish38, do you have a link for the Julianne Kost tutorial you are referring to?

  9. You are a brave soul....Each shot is amazing and it would be hard for me to decide on just one.....


I read and appreciate all your comments. Have a blessed day!