Thursday, March 12, 2015

Be Still Week 39

Subject: Glass
I'm not much the pink frilly girly roses type. But when I recently rediscovered these two pink pieces, one at work and the other in my china cabinet, I decided to try and pull something together with them.

kk_gentle was used on the first two. It is one of my favorites.


kk_hazey, gentle and chocolate (starting at the left)

KK_bare on these three.

I had more fun that day. First I played in the dining room on the chair, then took everything into my 'studio'. I thought I was finished after I started pulling out the doilies but then I grabbed some books, ditched the glass and you'll have to wait until later to see those.


  1. Such a lovely series Roxi! Everything is perfect...I love them all and the triptychs too... the gorgeous roses and lovely "art deco" opaline vase and all the elegant props you've set bring such a romantic mood to your pictures... the tones, limited to whites, pinks and pale greens and the presets you've used give your picture a vintage and romantic style...

  2. Wonderful! Words aren't enough!

  3. So Beautiful. Love the editing you used on these photos. Love the pink..


  4. Play is the right word to describe this process. As we play, we get better at seeing what works and what doesn't - and then the next time we make still life pictures - we start out just a little bit ahead. It's less of struggle when we look at photography as play. Your pictures are beautifully composed and edited with such a lovely romantic touch!

  5. Smitten by your inspiration and the beautiful tones of rose - going from the roses to the pretty glasses! I love the way the light plays on the tones of the glass in the 3rd image - wonderful ways you have made the light ti be warm and inviting!

  6. Your second image with the chair is stunning! Love it and the gentle preset. It is fun to 'play' and learn more in the process.


I read and appreciate all your comments. Have a blessed day!