Wednesday, February 18, 2015

What's In My Mobile Bag?

I was the unhappy recipient of an iPhone 6+ last December. I'll spare you the details but to make a long story short… We switched carriers, they only had 3 phones in stock none of which was a regular 6 and if I waited until January I would miss out on $350 in rebates. And I couldn't wait any longer because my phone was giving me too many problems.  I would just have to get used to NOT being able to carry it in my jeans back pocket and I would have to get used to texting with 2 hands and maybe shooting photos with two hands. 
After a short time I decided I really LOVED it and would have a hard time going back to a smaller phone.
This is my editorial assignment for The Studio Online. I had done this previously but with a new phone comes different accessories. 

1. iPhone 6+. love love love!
2. Apple Earbuds
3. Muku Shutter Release
4. Sensu Brush Stylus
5. Connector for camera to iPad or iPhone
6. Macro Lens
7. Jobi Tripod

Did you know that you can use the volume bottom on your earbuds as a shutter release when connected to your phone?
I love my Muku remote Shutter Release. 
Mostly I use my Sensu when masking or painting on the iPad.
I connect my big girl camera to my iPad if there are shots I want to edit on it or just view in the field.
I had to give up my Olloclip lens kit because it does't fit the 6. In fact if you are interested it's for sale. This little macro band will have to do for now.
This tripod fits the big phone but I'm rating it only a 5.

The best news I've received this month was that two of my mobile edits made honorable mention in the 2014 MPA (Mobile Photography Awards).
In the Still Life category…

In the Macro & Detail category….

What was interesting to me was that at the last moment I decided to add both of these. They were not at the top of 'my' list. Which just says we never know what some else's opinion will be. But I will stay true to my heart when it comes to the spring competitions coming up locally.

I'm linking up with Barb today for App Happy Wednesday. If you want to check out my tutorial on Mobile Art Monday this week, it's on using the PicsArt app.

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  1. What a success!
    I am having trouble deleting images on my new iPad. The ones I deleted are going to hang about for another 30 days.
    Any thoughts?
    And how does one connect an outside camera to iPad? I haven't found any mention of that anywhere.

    1. If you go to your albums and choose the Recently Deleted album, choose the photo, hit delete to permanently delete it. I may have to do a post on hooking up to the camera with a mobile device.

  2. So funny ... less than half an hour ago, my daughter and I were talking about upgrading before our trip to Europe this summer and both said we didn't think we'd like the 6+. Now you've got me rethinking the whole thing! And congratulations on your featured photos!! Well merited.

  3. I need to get the shutter release it is in my cart on Amazon. I decided to go with the 6. The 6+ felt too big to talk on. Plus here I need to be able to still shoot with one hand, that way only hand gets cold. I love my little tripod. Congratulations on the Honorable Mentions.

  4. Well, where do I start?? Congrats on the honourable mentions - such beautiful work you do! And thank you for the review of your phone and accessories. I just purchased a fun new app - but it will have to wait until next week ;) thanks for linking up today Roxi!


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