Monday, February 23, 2015

Mobile Art Monday No. 8

Light is a huge thing in photography. A little extra light can take an ok photo and make it more interesting.

The original had an awesome dark blue sky set as a backdrop against the snow and touches of gold.
The little cloud pieces made me want to try and add a moon to cover it. So in Lenslight I did, but it still looked like it needed something. I added some glow and it worked well. I t also brightened up a path across the snow.
The glow was from Effects> Lights/Glow> Lumos Glow. The Moon is also under Effects> Lights/Glow.

These are the adjustments I applied to the moon.

These are the adjustments made for the glow.

Remember to add a new light to a new layer.
Another photo that I added several light leaks to but later realized it would be so much better with a Lens Flare.
Lenslight has had an update recently so all the Effects categories are under a little menu on the right. These include Lens Flares, Lights/Glows, Bokeh/Glitter, Sun Collection and Radiance Pack.

Have fun adding a little extra touch of light to your photos.


  1. Roxi, that is stunning! You took that from a nice photo to something magical.

  2. cool...I will have to follow your mobile art Monday posts


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