Wednesday, September 3, 2014

iPhone Composite 1

I love composites. They can be quirky and strange or they can be dreamy and beautiful.
This week's does not fit in the beautiful category. But it was such fun to do.
I was a lucky recipient of a free code for the new Union App so I just had to try it out. Thanks Geri Centonze of Art of Mob!

You can layer just two layers at a time and do a double exposure by changing the blend mode or you can flatten the two layers and keep adding another. It also lets you add a color layer to blend which came in handy.
This was my final. But I'll show how I got there.

These are the first two photos I used.

The blend mode was changed to multiply 24% and the contrast was increased to darken the foreground  and the layers merged.

Next I added this and scaled it larger. 

I used Difference blend mode. It left the foreground looking normal. So I merged and added a color  gradient filter, changed the blending mode and it colored up the foreground.

Next I added this old church that was missing it's steeple.

I added it as a foreground image and masked away all but the building. I played with the blend mode, screen 50%, size and position until I was happy.

Since Union was made by the same people that made Tangent I figured I'd go play with it there and this is what I settled on.

But now I'm thinking I would like to see it monochromatic. I took the un-Tangented version into VSCOcam and used one of their black and white presets. (Also used TouchRetouch to take out the white window.)
 Then three layers of grit and emulsion from Mextures to get the final image up top.
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  1. Hi Roxi,
    so great what all you added just with an App. Really wonderful !
    Best regards, Synnöve

  2. Utterly amazing and inspiring, Roxi! this is so complex and beautifully put together. And congrats on the free app!

  3. I am amazed. I do like this process and you have inspired me to look into it. Thank you!

  4. Fantastic Roxi there really is nothing you can't do on a mobile device these days...


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