Thursday, September 25, 2014

Friday Finds Sept 26

It's been a week of discoveries……
Probably the most important is about myself.
1. I used to be a 'leader'. Now I am more of a follower. I say this because I can't seem to get anything accomplished unless I have an assignment. Someone telling me what to do and a dead line. I've always needed a deadline it seems. I first realized this when my scrapbook designers group was required to do two collaboration kits per year. I had no problem getting going. A color palette was supplied and a theme. Now if I was to come up with something on my own, I'd be dead in the water. Hence I have not produced much this year (or last year). I've made some brushes and texture packs, which seem to be more my thing. So I should probably concentrate my focus there. I haven't had the urge to do many scrapbook pages anyway.
I've so totally enjoyed my evolving in still life photography through Kim's Bestill52 and the Still life class. But again, assignments. Some get done, some don't. But it seems those are the only things staring me in the face. And they are the type of little projects that don't take days and weeks. You can achieve a fulfilling accomplishment in a few hours. Ahhhh, so much for instant gratification.
So what am I to do with this information? Give myself assignments? I've tried that, apparently I don't take myself seriously enough. I think it's because I don't believe in myself enough. Or that requires some sense of responsibility and that, it seems, is what I DON'T want. To not have to answer to anyone. Am I confused? Or an I making some progress here? Perhaps some new hormones and and new thyroid might help.

2. We've had so much rain lately my silly zinnias are spouting their seeds on the flowers. I've not seen such a crazy thing before.

3. I found this 'scan' I did a few years back while cleaning out my old laptop. It reminded me of the dark organic things the Bestill52 class is doing. I added Kim's magic texture to it and some color like she described on Tuesday. I wasn't too thrilled with it 4 years ago, but I really like it now.

4. This sweet yellow bird sang it's heart out in my long gone sunflowers. A Wilson's Warbler I'm told, by Kathy, my birding friend. It wasn't scared of me so I snapped away. I had been shooting the zinnias and caterpillars with my 100 lens. I was praying the whole time that one would turn out. I'm sure he's just passing through so I will be keeping an eye out for more travelers.

5. I took a walk through the yard and collected green leaves and dried stuff. I processed the leaves with Snapseed and love all the versions I made for different reasons.  Do you have a favorite?
Here's to a great weekend!
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  1. I think you are making good progress. You are discovering a lot about yourself. This learning about ourselves thing is a SLOW process. Interrupted occasionally by a quick fleeting glimpse of things to come. Keep working at it, it will be so worthwhile in the long run.

  2. This post really surprised me Roxi, if anyone is a leader it is you in my opinion. I love watching and seeing what you are going to come up with. I love each of your images as they are so different than what I do, true art each of them and yet so different. Love that sweet little bird that graced you with an appearance. And as for which one of your collections I like I could not chose they are all wonderful.

  3. I hear you, Roxi! I need a deadline ... the only real deadline I have is the DS tutorial ... arghh that one hangs over my head until it is DONE since I have no choice. Everything else falls by the wayside ... great capture of the little yellow bird, and as for your collection, I love the white one - just my style!

  4. I left a rather long comment but I don't see it.........sigh....the story of my life. LOL

  5. loving the older photo that you re-edited! I've been doing a little of that too...know more now than I did a couple of years ago and more comfortable with PS...and hopefully taking better photos to begin with!
    enjoy your weekend...its raining here now...but we needed it!

  6. Wow- your post surprised me! I don't think its that important HOW you work as is how happy you are with the results. I know I am a fan of your creations. I've been having the opposite issue- I, the good student and rule-follower, keep postponing my assignments and instead am doing my own thing most of the time. Go figure- maybe hormones do have something to do with it- or a lifetime of coloring inside the lines! I'm having trouble deciding which of your layouts I prefer- really nice tableau! I am drawn to the white one, but also really like the one below it. I want to try one of those botanical style still lifes- so beautiful! Also- just have to say how much I love the scanned dried flowers!

  7. Roxi, you are one of the most creatively prolific people I know. But I think I understand how you feel. I too get stuck and can't seem to move forward sometimes. I think there are times I'm overwhelmed by the sites and sounds around me and being stuck is perhaps my spirit's way of slowing me down, quieting the noise, so that I may hear my own voice again. Part of life's journey I think.

  8. Roxi, I know how you feel. It is good that you are thinking about these things so that you might have clarity. But trust in your own's who you are and how you roll. You are a gifted artist and blogger, and you continue to inspire me!
    (Personally, I'm about to do Round 2 with Tamoxifen...maybe that will straighten me out. LOL)


  9. Roxi I love your botanical set especially the top right one, I like the slight cream background. I am so struggling with finishing everything at the moment ,the mojo has popped out for coffee for a while so I am going to concentrate on one thing at a time and try to finish.

  10. I totally understand where you are coming from. It seems as though I don't take myself seriously either... if I am working on something for myself I procrastinate over and over again. I do like deadlines for getting things done, but I don't want to answer to anyone either. I guess we are all works in progress...
    I love your scanned image, the green sprig in the middle is the perfect splash of color. Each of your Snapseed images are great, the bottom right is my favorite, love the vintage textured feel.

  11. After years of having to get things done and putting myself under pressure I'm resisting the old habit and not getting stressed if something doesn't get done. After all, I have retired and there are other things to enjoy as well! Love your images and a glimpse into your thoughts!

  12. I'll try leaving a comment again.....LOL You sound like me when it comes to designing. I finally decided to hang it up. Oh, I might make an occasional kit and put it up on my scraps and crafts blog but I no longer design to where I'm tired to my desk! Just got burned out on it I believe. LOVE your images and as far as a fav in the last one? I love the white as it just makes the colors POP but the bottom two look so surreal and dreamy, too hard to choose. Hang in there my friend, we're all on this journey together.
    Visiting from Friday Finds:

  13. That scan is really beautiful, Roxi!

  14. I seem to work in fits and starts...sometimes I get it all done, other times I can't really get into it. I always enjoy your images Roxi, and know that you have tons of talent, so don't be too hard on yourself :) I like the white photo top left and I love that little yellow bird ! How lovely to find him and listen to him sing while you took his photo !

  15. Wow....especially love the 4 grid.


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