Thursday, August 21, 2014

Hipsta Sunflowers

I found the best field of sunflowers with my Hipstamatic App.
I love using Hipstamatic. I have more lenses and film than I know what to do with. I bought some new packs a couple weeks ago and still haven't figured out all the combinations but I have saved a new favorite. Lowy lens and Robusta film. great color, sharpness and a little grunge.

Dream Canvas is certainly a favorite film. Here I've paired it with the Tejas lens on the next three.

The same flowers with Dream Canvas and the Bettie XL lens.

Ray Mark II lens and the Blanko 일 film.

And back to the first, Lowy and Robusta.

Another shot in the house with Ray MarkII with Blanko 일 film. Notice the texture is going sideways and the photo 2 back is up and down. I'll bet I had my camera turned sideways for one of them. Sometimes the dream canvas will change if you change the orientation of your camera also. Sometimes this works and sometimes I can't get it to.

You can save favorite combinations by… 
going to your Hipsta Gallery, 
double tap on the photo so it will flip and show you the info on the back side. 
Tap the lower center icon (camera),
You can now add it as A New Favorite Setting,
or tap Match Settings to take a photo right now using the same film and lens. I think the match settings is pretty cool. I use that a lot now.
Do you use the Hipstamatic app on your phone?
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  1. You are having fun with the sunflowers! And thank you for sharing them. I haven't caught the Hipstamatic fever; I think I need a tutorial.

  2. When I think you can't come up with anything more special in sunflowers that is when you do. Just awesomeness once again. I am such a fan of Hipsta and haven't used it in a while must go back and visit. Love love love this Roxi.

  3. These are ALL perfectly beautiful captures!

  4. LOVE all your images Roxi. The sunflower HAS to be an all-time fav of mine! I used to use Hipstamatic and may have to explore all these wonders you're finding with it. My iphoneography has a back seat to everything else going on in my life right now.
    Have a great weekend!!
    visiting from Friday Finds -

  5. WOW! These are fabulous!! I have Hipstamatic and seldom use it. I did buy a few packs- I'm going to check and see what I have compared to you- because I LOVE your photos! I've been photographing sunflowers recently too- adore them! Beautiful work, Roxi!

  6. So pretty! All of these are lovely. I especially love the Dream Canvas images - love the rough edges.

  7. Each one of these is so beautiful.
    Truly the images of summer!

  8. .sadly it's only available on the iPhone. I surly would love using it. Great post, lovely photos.

  9. Your sunflowers are unique, Roxi! Thank you for the inspiration ... I used Hipstamatic on my walk today ;)

  10. Looks like a lot of fun to play with and great results.


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