Thursday, August 7, 2014

Friday Finds August 8, the Shopping Edition

Just got back from the Big 'D' and I made a small haul. When you fly, size is taken into consideration. Hubby thinks weight should be considered too and of course he's right but that is his department. I had carefully made a list of all the places I wanted to go…Dallas Arboretum, Anthropologie, Pottery Barn, Apple, Home Goods(wasted my time there), Teavana, Bread Winners, and of course Cheese Cake Factory. After checking Google Maps I added Dallas Farmer's Market to my list but I never did make it downtown.
The first morning was spent at the arboretum because it was only going to get hotter the next couple days. After lunch it was on to the Highland Park area to Pottery Barn. A priority. I needed a total of 5 plates and 3 more bowls of specific colors to round out my set I'd purchased late last year. First, I'm distracted by the Apple Store's windows.
Then I see Crate and Barrel across the street! Oh, what a cool place! I'll bet I was there an hour devouring all the goodness. As I'm checking out, Hubby texts to say his class will be finished early, meaning I should head that way in a few short minutes to make the 50 minute drive back to Terrell to pick him up. Darn, my main stop at this destination was Pottery Barn and Crate and Barrel sidetracked me.  So I hurriedly gathered up my dishes(with no help) and didn't even cruise the rest of the store.
But let's get back to Crate and Barrel. I'm not sure I've ever been in one, because I thought I was in heaven. I found the most gorgeous cutting/cheese board and carried it around for awhile until I found out it was $35. I looked at it a bit more, decided I would make my own and make it shorter because it was too long anyway.
My second day of adventure was spent at the NorthPark Center mall. Such cool sculptures are scattered throughout. I finally got to eat at Bread Winners. When the waiter brought my food, my expression apparently reflected my gagging thoughts as I gazed upon the raw looking smoked salmon. It just wasn't what I was expecting. But I managed to get it down with a lot of herb spread. Those were the largest capers I'd ever seen.
Anthropologie…most of their stuff just does not impress me. A few things are to die for. One cup I resisted and a few I bought. A nice colorful sturdy cup, as opposed to a delicate one I had coveted for a long time, came home with me. As did a towel like Kim has used in her photos. The most impressive thing in the store to me was their check out counter. I loved it, yet was sad to see cool old furniture cut up and used this way.
Then I saw Free People. Very interesting. I often forget I'm not 25 anymore and these types of stores remind me. I think you need to be financially free to shop there and I'd like to know what person in there 20's can afford to.
I had been lusting all morning for Cheese Cake Factory cheese cake. I looked up their menu online just incase I wanted to eat Mexican food next door at the Blue Mesa Grill. When I saw they had my favorite ever salad there was no thinking twice. Beet and Goat cheese with pecans and balsamic dressing. Pure heaven!
I also had a roasted pear and blue cheese flat bread. But onto dessert! My favorite is the chocolate one with the coconut but decided to try the Kahlua cheesecake. Oh my, what can I say but it won't be my last. I did take the Banana Cream back to hubby and a chocolate coconut for me. (Yes, we've been doing no sugar since last December but sometimes you just have to splurge, like 2 pieces in one day)
I had more adventures on this trip but will save the good stuff for another post. Like antiquating and visiting cemeteries. I will say, that will be more interesting.
All photos take on iPhone5 and edited in VSCOcam (except the salmon bagels)
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  1. Oh my wish I had been with you on your adventures because it looks like fun especially the cheesecake. I kinda feel the same abut Antho, the store is cool but never really buy anything.

  2. Crate and Barrel one of my favorites too...used to shop at the outlet store in North Chicago when I lived in Wis - loved it...there are a two in Seattle area so its a treat
    I like Antho for the displays - but the stuff - way too spendy!
    Glad you had fun and treated yourself!

  3. What a great shopping trip I miss Anthropologie we on have one in the country so it's a real treat if I get to London to visit. The salad and cheesecake look wonderful....

  4. Loved following you around! I guess you needed a few more days there

  5. Did you get a major sugar buzz? The closest Crate & Barrel for me is in Chicago, I love the one downtown. So many great ideas.

  6. Yep, I loved following you around as well....Crate and Barrel is a lot of fun to find cute things and not as pricey as Anthro. Although I have most of those places right here in my city, I seldom go there to shop...when I do it is special. I'm still craving a meal at Cheesecake you have me really thinking about that place. Ours here always has a huge long line...with a wait of 30-90 minutes! Don't go there already starving.

  7. Hi Roxi ... sounds like you had a fun trip! Look forward to seeing more! Have a great weekend!

  8. gosh.... so happy for you..... sounds like a dream day to me....
    i adore the anthro counters too.... I love their home goods.... and the whole vibe of the store...... sigh... I just found out that Winnipeg is getting one... excited about that.....
    Free People has the best photos. : ) and i have one of their sweaters.... I do love it....

    glad you found some treasures....I would love to go to Pottery Barn again.... beautiful....Another store we don't have and I love is Restoration Hardware........
    and crate and barrel... only been once...and yes.. LOVE that store.....and oh my gosh... Lady of the Lake Cafe makes a beat, goat cheese salad.... that's so darn good.... love it too.... the candied pecans.... oh yes...

    anyhow.... loved this post and the photos... welcome home. :)

  9. Very nice compositions, I love the creative beauty in these photos, wonderful colors!

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  11. Looks like you had a great shopping trip, Roxi !
    Love goat cheese salad too ... with crispy bacon :-)
    Have a nice week,


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