Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Instagram Pics

Two posts in one day!
I'm trying out embedding my Instagram photo to my blog. This one is done with Waterlogue (geez, I spelled it wrong on the pic, didn't think it looked right), iColorama and ImageBlender. Below is the 'sequence' of events.
I have learned however if I am going to link to another blog, like Barb's, this doesn't give a photo preview to choose from when 'embedding'.


  1. Very very cool, Roxi!! the embedding but especially the editing and sequence collage - fabulous! thanks for playing today!

  2. Hehe, glad I am not the only one with the spelling, my fingers get carried away. Love this you were the one that taught me how to do this. :)

  3. Lovely, lovely Roxi! They are all so pretty!

  4. Roxi you are becoming a true iPhone artist!


  5. This is very lovely and I love using Waterlogue. Such a great app! Thanks for all of your visits and hope you had a great holiday!


I read and appreciate all your comments. Have a blessed day!