Wednesday, July 9, 2014

App Happy Wednesday July 9

It's an App Happy Day with Barb over at Keeping With The Times. Check out what everyone is doing with their mobile photography this week.
The original:
I used Stackables for the first part of my edit. (There is an iPad version that's better than the phone version and worth the extra .99 if you already have the phone one. The phone version is free at the moment!)
This app contains textures and gradient overlays with a lot of blending modes and multiple layers. There are a lot of textures and emulsions that are free in-app to download too. I recommend watching the in-app tutorial. It's excellent.
At this point I'm realizing I should've done some cloning out of the end of the stem that goes off the page and the bushes at the top need to go. TouchRetouch is what I use for cloning.

Thinking I'd heard something about using Pixlr Express for noise reduction, I imported it there and discovered a new love. It had been awhile since I used this app and only for the light effects. My heart was now bursting at what all my options were for this photo.
First under adjustment there are a million possibilities. I played with Focal and discovered in this app I can move the sharp focus around the photo. It doesn't have to stay in the center. Yea!!!! Add a little dreaminess.
Under Effect> Default> I chose Melissa for tonal change and played with some others.
What I didn't know about this app is that there is a desktop version. hmmmm…..

I still wasn't happy with how the natural light leak looked. It needed help. Enter Lenslight. The leaks are totally adjustable, down to the color and you can pull them off the page to get a partial one. It also lets you add them on different layers so they are more editable. I added two and decided I was finished.

I learned a lesson with this edit. Since I didn't take it into Snapseed like my usual workflow I missed getting a "cropped" original. Mostly because of using an unfamiliar app but it was user error on my part. Sometimes I like to overlay the original with a blend mode change for a different or more contrasty look. Or sometimes do a black and white version to overlay for different effects. How is your mobile photography going?
Keeping With The Times


  1. Wow- I learned a lot with your step by step! First of all- the image is gorgeous! I didn't know about the noise reduction in Pixlr Express- will have to look at that. I don't think I have Stackables- if I do I haven't used it much (so many apps, so little time. . .). Thanks for all the info!

  2. Thanks for all the info Roxi ! I'm still only using one app per photo, so may now have the nerve to combine some !

  3. You are such a pro at these things Roxi! Good to hear about the noise reduction and the focus point!

  4. I followed Bev over here and all I can say is WOW...and wow! that I already have all of those apps to play with! Very cool photo and much in keeping with my obsession of iphoneography & Bob Weil! :)

  5. Oh boy you've found some new apps for me to play with! Thanks for the info!

  6. You really do have great talent when it comes to making art with apps ... your image is stunning. I'm making note of all the apps you used and how you used them. Thanks for playing along at "app" happy wednesday!

  7. Really like your finished product here! These apps are just amazing. I have the stackables... but have not used it. Will have to get in there and see how it works.. Great job here!

  8. Roxi, you are definitely a pro when it comes to app-stacking! Thanks so much for all the info packed into your post. Makes me want to go and play! I have all of these apps but I know I'm not using them to their full potential. Watching the app tutorial is a great idea!


I read and appreciate all your comments. Have a blessed day!