Wednesday, July 16, 2014

App Happy Wednesday 7-16

I'm always tempted to just post a picture and get on with my busy life. But I realize if I document my steps it gives me something to refer back to. Besides, I learned some important things with this edit and by writing them down my brain has a better chance or remembering.
This is my original. If I open it up in the app Photosize, it shows it to be 2448 x 2448 pixels and 1.1 MB.
I cropped it in Snapseed and did a few basic adjustments. I then applied a Retrolux filter.

I decided to add some selective adjustments... More contrast on the bottle and a little more color back in the flower.

Wondering how it would look if I added some Detail? You tell me. I like it and I think it will look good on my wall. At this point it's 927 KB.

Just because I was in the mood to play I decided to make a 4x5 and play in Stackables. First it needed more 'space' at the top. So I went back to the original and added more using Anticrop. Here's the bad news… My image is now 736x920 and only 127 KB!!! I'm learning all this after I've done my editing. At this point I should have opened it in Filterstorm to resize it larger. But wait….. there's more about size later.
In Stackables I added 4 textures. I saved a version with 3 and another version with 4 because I didn't like where part of the texture fell. One thing I learned in this app is that if your photo is not square the texture extends beyond your photo. So if you are using one that has a vignette or border effects you may be disappointed.

After Stackables my size still remained very small. 227KB

Now I opened both versions in Superimpose and masked out the area in the foreground that I didn't want.
Now here's the kicker… After Superimpose my file is back close to what it was before Anticrop. It's now 901 KB and 819x1024.
I may need to ask the mobile guru's about this. 
I went ahead and upsized it in Filterstorm to 2637x3298 and it was 1.3MB. I opened them both in Photoshop and the larger one was a bit sharper but the smaller one wasn't too bad. If it had been a 'clean' type of edit I'm sure it would make a bigger difference. 
It looks like an old photo for sure. I may just have to print my last Snapseed edit for my wall.

It's an App Happy Day with Barb over at Keeping With The Times. Check out what everyone is doing with their mobile photography this week.
Keeping With The Times


  1. I love to see what you are doing with your apps. Great wisdom on the resizing.

  2. Well, I love the photo and the finished product. But I must say, I'd like to see for myself how these sizing apps work. So intriguing! Thank you for the information. Roxi!

  3. Great images as usual, Roxi! I know for myself that just by paying attention and keeping notes, I'm actually teaching myself ;) but I too am very intrigued with the resizing apps - I'm always on guard for that kind of thing. Thanks so much for joining in the fun today!

  4. Wonderful to see your different stages side by side in the lightbox. Such a different 'feel' to each of them.

  5. Thanks for the steps Roxi and I love your finished image perfect for framing...

  6. I fell for your images on Instagram - SO happy to find it here and see, how you did the editing. Fiterstorm makes miracles with the photo sizes ... Superimpose is a new app to me - Will check that out. Enjoy your weekend, Roxi!

  7. I loved this on IG and so happy to see it even larger here to see it closer. If you had stopped after a couple of edits I think it would have been fine, so lovely but that finished one is just wow. You have produced a masterpiece. I must say my head was hurting from the talk about resizing but I do know it is important if you want to print big and this really needs to be big on your wall.

  8. Roxi, this is really amazing!



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