Wednesday, July 23, 2014

App Happy or Crazy?

Sunday I was enchanted by this one photo and played with it all over the place. This is the original.
First stop was Waterlogue. I thought this would be enough but of course it wasn't….
I did several versions. Since getting a new iPad my apps are running much faster. I used to get impatient with Waterlogue on my old one. These were some of my favorites.
Wouldn't it be interesting to take on of these into another app and do something else with it?
Filters are:
Color Bloom

But wait, I couldn't stop now, could I? 
I did go back with my original photo and played in Stackables. This time not with just the layers of texture like I had done previously with other photos but with some of the adjustments. I must confess I saved 8 versions but this was my last and most favorite. It does include a touch of clarity and noise reduction from PS Express.
Back to the original and into Snapseed for some black and white because I wanted to try a few selective adjustments.
Then back to Stackables for some more play time.
It's an App Happy Day with Barb over at Keeping With The Times. Check out what everyone is doing with their mobile photography this week.
Keeping With The Times


  1. beautiful. I really like bold, travelogue and the stackables images.

  2. I like how the rainy style brought out the edge detail in the image. Thanks for showing us the various samples.

  3. I love the travelougue. I need a little app life. Will go over to Barb's.

  4. These last three ones are my favourites - especially the last one ... the mystical and a bit melancholic feeling, that is conveyed in the tones. Your original image is so well composed, that you can keep creating magic out of it!

  5. Oh, my! My head is spinning and I'm wanting to go play now! I couldn't pick a favorite if I tried!

  6. Yes! what Terri said! :) although I do love the first one with the tips of the flower getting brighter at the ends. Thank you so much for joining in with "app" happy wednesday!!

  7. Goodness - one can become a water colour artist at the touch of a button. Gorgeous pictures. Some would have fooled me if I saw them printed. What a pity that there isn't one for the normal PC.

  8. Looked at these this morning but just now getting to the big computer to comment. I can't decide which I like better! But I love seeing the same photo with different applications. Very instructive.

  9. Great effect on all that stacking! I've been really enjoying Photo Fusion so I think I need to try stackables next... : )

  10. Wonderful Roxi I love all your edits so great to see the different effects.

  11. It looks like you had a crazy good time playing with all these different looks.


I read and appreciate all your comments. Have a blessed day!