Monday, June 30, 2014

Texture Tuesday July 1

Hard to believe June is gone and I'm just now working on shots I took of my granddaughter in May! Well no, actually it isn't hard to believe at all.
My favorite place to shoot in May is at the local Garden and Art Center. The poppies and larkspur are amazing.
This was the first time she actually 'posed' for me too. I'm not sure if I'm excited about that or not. I like candid best. Catching them in the moment… unaware.
She backed up into the flowers...
And gave me a big grin!
She then sat down and started playing with 'Baby'.
You can tell by her attire and the hairdo that this wasn't a planned shoot. I knew the poppies were at their peak and since I was picking her up at daycare that afternoon, I prayed her clothes would be clean because we had perfect cloud cover(rare). If there is anything around that resembles a purse, it goes on her arm or shoulders. I threw her doll and a couple props in my tote bag for our expedition. 
I was so glad to grab this shot because I have one from last year of her heading down the same path.
Of course we had to have a flower in our hair and play in the dirt.
She likes to sit in my lap and we make videos with the camera turned toward us. I put this one together in iMovie.

I'm a preset lover! Here are a few of my favorite Lightroom Presets. From top left going clockwise: Cool Faded Peonies(mine), Redrex-White Putty, Cool Pale Red(mine), Matt B&W (Pretty Presets), Bad Ass Film, Noir Film- Now to figure out which to print.

kk-rainyday Multiply 74%, kk-rainyday Screen 48%, kk-evolve Linear Burn 100%
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  1. Roxi so cute, what a joy she must be...

  2. I love to see how she has grown in a year. Another preset lover here. So many great options out there.

  3. So fun to see how she has grown, Roxi, a delight to any grandma's eyes. Such a cute little girl and many more joyous years with this one.

  4. Precious child images backed by amazing floral color! I do love that last image ---it is so sweet!

  5. Such a darling - you have the cutest model ever!!! I love especially the image where she is holding the bag on her shoulder ang going among the lavenders :)

  6. Your granddaughter is so sweet! {aren't they the best?} But my favorite thing is the photo on the same path as last year. Such a benchmark of her growth.

  7. So precious ! I loved the little movie and the photo of her walking along with that huge bag on her shoulder !

  8. Wonderful memories. I love the comparison shots of a year apart.

  9. Beautiful series. Roxi is adorable.


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