Monday, May 19, 2014

Hipsta Peonies

Once in awhile I am reminded to use the great Hipstagram app on my phone. I have a few favorite combinations saved, so it makes it easy if I know the look I'm going for. Sometimes its a surprise.
I was glad I remembered to shoot some of my peonies with the Hipstamatic Camera as I played with set ups this past week. I really like the way they turned out.
It all started with this shot…
Bette XL lens and Dream Canvas film. This is my most favorite combination for a soft pastel look.

Bette XL lens and Dream Canvas film. A different perspective.

Bette XL lens and Ina's 1982 film, (bright)

Tejas lens and Dream Canvas film. The Tejas lens is another favorite with nearly any film.

Bette XL lens and Dream Canvas film. If you rotate your 'camera' to shoot the light leaks and borders will be in a different orientation. You'll just need to rotate your photo afterwards.

Bette XL lens and Dream Canvas film. Notice how different these last two look with the same lens and film. The lighting was different too and I believe that made a difference.

Tejas lens and Dream Canvas film. Rhonna Designs word art.

Melodie lens and Ina's 1982 film.

Tejas lens and Kodot XGrizzled film. I love the skinny grungy white edge of this XGrizzled film.
The peonies are nearing their finale but I'll have lots of proof they were here.


  1. These are all so very lovely Roxie, I am a Hipsta fan also, so many possibilities. Love your combos and of course those lovely peonies.

  2. I love these, Roxie! I wish you and I could get together so you could give me a tutorial ... I just haven't figured out Hipstamatic ... but then I haven't tried very hard, either. Hmmm. This makes me want to learn it though. Great work!

    1. It's taken me awhile to figure it out. Like with anything, spending a little time helps. Doing this exercise really brought it home for me.

  3. Fantastic combinations, unfortunately I am not an iPhone owner .

  4. Sigh Hipstamatic still tops my list of all time favourite apps it's just so much fun and the results are stunning.....


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