Friday, March 21, 2014

It's Friday!

It's Friday Finds and Random 5 time again! Gosh the weeks go fast!

1. A new class I'm taking is Title Express by Tiffany Tillman over a Scrapaneers. This girl knows her fonts and everything about fonts! I've learned some pretty cool things and have been quite inspired. Here is the first page I did for week 2 homework. Originally I didn't have any embellishing on it but I've recent purchased Simply: Embellish by Captivated Visions. (I love her stuff.) So I added the edge and elements. All the brush work with the fonts are mine. Dirty Lines, Dirty Circles, Fragments Too, and Watercolor Brushes available HERE.

2. Have I mentioned we have a plane? Well it's been in the shop since mid January for some avionics work that didn't get finished right last fall. Just got it back yesterday. The good part about that is no one spent money on gas while it was there. And of course this meant a trip to Amarillo to pick it up and see my girlfriend and hang out in the antique shops on 6th St. I don't know why they call it 6th St. because the map says 6th Ave. I'm sure that must be confusing to tourists. One cool find was this fluted white plate from England. It wasn't cheap but I didn't dare pass it up. I'll have to ask Viv about it.

3. If you've been reading my blog for awhile you know I like to do drive by shootings. With the camera that is. I was part way back from Amarillo as the sun was setting so I reached into the back seat and grabbed my Canon, (Nifty 50 was still on it, oh well. I'm driving. Blake's flying.) Try to crank the aperture up and it looks like I've got it on 18 so I'll go with that. Stick my arm toward the passenger seat window and start snapping away. There are few trees and buildings between here and there, so there really wasn't much to pull over and stop for. But I got a few cool shots and heres' one. (It was actually set on 1.8, 'roll eyes')

4. Baby took her dog for a walk on Monday. I got some video too I'll be needing to make a little movie. Her words that day were 'walk' and 'windy'. Yes, we had another dirt storm. It's crazy this year. I heard we made the national news again.
iphone, Snapseed, Mextures.

5. The first day of spring I trotted down the alley to photograph the blooming apples. A new neighbor lives there and he isn't very friendly. So I felt like I needed to hurry up and get out of there.
iphone, Waterlogue, iColorama.
Have a fabulous weekend everyone! we are hoping to fly somewhere for a $100 hamburger. Bunless no less…..
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  1. Well, Roxi ... you've outdone yourself this week. Love every one of these! No favs, I love them all. Have a good weekend.

  2. Mark is so jealous of your plane Roxi he wants to know what it is !!! Anyway I am so loving tiffany's class I'm taking it slow , so much to learn. I love your layout I bought simply embellishments as well great minds and all that. Not sure about the plate but I have heard of J&G Meakin sadly they are no more , but I did find this. have a great flight.

  3. Oh how pretty all of these are Roxi! Having the tools to change the photo, and layer cool things is quite fun. Love each one, a lot! Too bad about the unfriendly neighbor.

  4. Yep, each one of these is great and I did not know you had a plane, wow! I love the drive by shot, it turned out great, and of course I'm drooling over the waterlogue photo!

  5. Love the processing on the photo of your grand baby. Cranky neighbors are the worst.

  6. Fantastic randoms and edits- there so much to learn about fonts. You are always up to something interesting.

  7. I do a lot of walk-by shooting but never could seem to get a real good sun shot. gorgeous sunset shot!

    have a great day.

  8. hi roxi ... love your digital layout! such talent! I have never tried my hand at it ... maybe one day! Sure hope you have a great spring weekend!

  9. I love the last one with the flowers - glad you go t up early : ) This would make a beautiful card.

  10. Gorgeous layout, Roxi! I've always loved your designs!

  11. Keep your eye out for that plane while you're up there Roxi...

    Love the shot of walking the dog. So sweet. :)

  12. Love that you have a plane. Hubby is a pilot-finished building a one seater helicycle. He'll eventually sell it so he can but a plane for us. LOVE that top shot.


I read and appreciate all your comments. Have a blessed day!