Friday, March 14, 2014

Friday Finds March 14

It's time for Friday Finds and Random 5 Friday so here are a few finds around the house this week.

Now that the daffies are up I can say it's officially spring. Didn't I say that last week?

The sun is coming up closer to 'straight from the East' now and with daylight savings time I'm getting to see the beautiful morning light out my kitchen window. (Yes I'm a bit lazy when it comes to getting up in the morning.)

I saw these birds on my evening dog walk.

I learned something this AM while loading these photos. Notice the difference in the background of these next two. In Lightroom, the photo looked like the second one. When it loaded in blogger, I noticed it looked like the first. Why in the world did it lighten the background so much? I checked my exported file on the desktop and sure enough, it was light. How strange. I went back and lowered the black point nearly all the way to the left so it would export appropriately. 

This was a "I'm sorry" bouquet from my hubby last weekend. My thoughts were, 'Yeah and It's going to sit right here and remind you of what a jerk you were til all the petals fall off." (It's still looking pretty good. LOL) 

We had a dirt storm on Tuesday. It was hard to take photos of the dust clouds as I walked through the grass the next day. My friend said she couldn't even sweep her patio it was so thick she had to use a shovel. That night reminded me of howling blizzards growing up in North Dakota. So I went to the basement to sleep.
Come check out what everyone else has found this week.

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  1. The third is my favorite - amazing light.

  2. Nice you already have daffodils blooming! Ours are barely peeking through the ground. Love the light in the mornings now, though I resist the time change for the first week.

  3. I'm kind of jealous about your Daffs! I love the light photo.

  4. Amazing light! Still have yukky snow everywhere. It will be a while before bulbs can get enough warmth to peak out. I'll just enjoy yours for now.

  5. Roxi,
    I really like the black background from your "I'm sorry" bouquet. The black and white contrast is attractive.

    Glad you have some flowers blooming; it will be a while before we warm up that much. We have had a beautiful week here, a bit chilly on Wednesday. This morning is cool and rainy, hope it stays rain.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  6. Your daffodils, the light, your house, your community, all look so beautiful!

  7. No tulips or daffs yet here. Patience! :)

  8. The change in your pictures could be caused by Google's new "auto enhance" feature for pictures (since Google owns Blogger now). Here are instructions for disabling it:

    (I am getting sick of Google assuming that they know what we want, better than we ourselves know.)

  9. Love your header. Sorry if I gave you a bad tout in the 10 minutes a day class As it happened, I did most the lessons and I feel my photography improved. I look forward when we are in a class again. Hope by now your husband is out of the dog house.

  10. That is interesting about google, I will have to look into that. I have been having some of the same problems between CC and LR5 but it seems that it is between the two syncing with each other when I save.

  11. First of all, you live in a lovely place and your photos are beautiful. I just read on Karen Valentine's blog about the darkness in the photos here: Thanks for visiting me!


I read and appreciate all your comments. Have a blessed day!