Saturday, February 8, 2014

Painterly Edits 1 -Introducing Waterlogue

Version 1 (All edits done on iPad)
This is the original photo. (Gosh I was even too lazy to crop this… in the end it didn't matter.)
This is my first edit in Waterlogue, setting - Normal.
My favorite watercolor painted look is with line drawing added. You can nearly achieve this look with the Industrial setting. It didn't have much 'wet' action on the paint though.
This is the way I typically do my watercolor line drawing edits. I'll take the original into iColorama and choose Style>Edges, and pick one of the presets to get a black and white drawing with the size lines and amount of lines I want and save it.
Then I'll open up both edited photos in Image Blender. The painted version on the bottom. (Second photo above.) The line drawing on the top. Change the blending mode to Multiply so the white will disappear leaving only the lines. By default it sets the opacity at 50%. So you may need to increase it. If you want to mask out some of the lines, that is possible here too. I masked out some of the edges.

Version 2
I took the original (first photo above) back into iColorama and found this great color under Style>Sketch>2. So I just had to try it in Waterlogue.
I used the Industrial setting to achieve this.
Very similar results. The only drawback in Waterlogue is that you won't have control over the line drawing. But a similar effect is achieved with just one app.


  1. I always enjoy seeing your take on different edits on one image, fun to see Roxi and how they change.

  2. They all look great. Seems to be a very popular app right now :)

  3. I love those painterly looks.

  4. They are all so wonderful! I've given up trying to find something similar for android. I do have the fingerpainting, but it's pretty time consuming.

  5. Thanks so much for the inspiration and tutorial, Roxi! I've often wondered and tried to figure out how you create these images with aquarel effect and the drawed lines!

  6. I'm addicted to the WATERLOGUE app...I'm working on a project with the results...fingers crossed it comes out like I see it in my head.

  7. I just tried this again and had a lot of fun with this Roxi, thanks so much for taking the time to write this up. iColorama has always been a mystery to me and still is. I will have to look for more tutorials on this app looks like a fun one to learn more about. Thank you again so much.


I read and appreciate all your comments. Have a blessed day!